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Hailing out of Altadena, CA, in 2008 Jabari Davis took the San Francisco Comedy community by storm, with humor that mixes down and dirty street smarts with thought provoking intellect. With a style that interweaves true-life failures backed by undeniable logic, his comedic dialogue transcends not only cultural barriers, but social classes as well.

Jabari has performed in some of the the nations biggest Comedy clubs including The Comedy Store (Hollywood, La Jolla Ca), The Ice House Comedy Club (Pasadena, Ca), San Francisco Punchline, Sacramento Punchline, Cobb’s Comedy Club (San Francisco), Carolines on Broadway (New York City), and Gotham Comedy Club (New York City) to name a few. In 2010 he debuted his one man Solo Performance piece “Felony Swagger With a Degree,” in the San Francisco Theater Festival amid rave reviews. He was invited back to the Festival in 2011 to perform another Solo Performance piece. Both of which were Co-Directed by W. Kamau Bell of FX’s “Totally Biased.” In 2011, 2012, and 2013 Jabari was selected to perform in San Francisco prestigious Comedy Day Festival in Golden Gate Park performing alongside Robin Williams, Diane Amos, and Gina Yashere. Jabari has also opened for Charlie Murphy’s Acid Trip Tour, and was recently selected to perform in the Cape Fear Comedy Festival 2013 in Wilmington, North Carolina. To cap off an amazng run in the Bay Area, Jabari Headlined Yoshis San Francisco in September 2013. A predominately Jazz venue, Jabari was and still is the only local Comedian to ever play the Venue. With less than a decade in the Business, Jabari has quickly established himself as a rising star. With National Opener and Feature credits to his name, it’s only a matter of time before he reaches National Headliner status.

In addition to becoming one of the top Comics in The Bay Area, Jabari Davis is also a renowned Producer in the region as well. He gained his recognition from producing a High Powered show, “Jabari Davis and Associates” at San Francisco’s now defunct Legendary Purple Onion Comedy Club from 2010-2012. In addition to performing and producing live Stand Up, Jabari Davis also wrote and directed two full length Documentaries “Escape From LA” and “Basement Legends,” which is a film about the Historical Purple Onion and Jabari Davis’ intertwined fates in San Francisco Comedy.

Jabari tours regularly throughout the United States and recently capped off an amazing 5 year run in San Francisco Comedy. Next Stop. New York City.

For Bookings email: Jabari.B.Davis@gmail.com

jabari baraka davis @jabaridavis

RT @amandaseales: Tonight! I'm doing 30minutes at @nycomedyclub along with these two great guys @jabaridavis462 and @seanytime ! 3 TH… http…

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jabari baraka davis @jabaridavis

RT @CourtingComedy: #TBT: On this day, in 2011, @jabaridavis rocked it at the original #PurpleOnion w/ @DCErvin @gkingcomic #sfcomedy http:…

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jabari baraka davis @jabaridavis

RT @lolTrev: I'm dedicating my whole summer to slapping the shit out of grown as men that I catch using a "selfie stick"

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jabari baraka davis @jabaridavis

I don't tweet like I used to..

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jabari baraka davis @jabaridavis

Rocking @ComedyAtTheKnit tonight with some of NYCs finest! Shoutout to my girl @metanarrativs #StandUp http://t.co/CCZ0lXKDhr

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jabari baraka davis @jabaridavis

No good can come from a 1:45 spot in a club.. No good.

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jabari baraka davis @jabaridavis

RT @thatsfunny: heyNY @KnitFactoryBK 9pm tonight @juliothesquare @gograntgordon @luisjgomez @SelenaCoppock @jabaridavis @KennyDeForest @rob…

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jabari baraka davis @jabaridavis


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jabari baraka davis @jabaridavis

Tip toeing into a new genre..

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jabari baraka davis @jabaridavis

RT @amandaseales: People don't change. Circumstances do.

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jabari baraka davis @jabaridavis

RT @ComedyAtTheKnit: SUNDAY. @KnitFactoryBK 9PM. THE STUPID L TRAIN IS BACK. FREE AF. NOTHING BUT FIRE <3 http://t.co/WxnohbDhhY

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Be Mindful
Be mindful
3 Oct
Jazz is that place you end up after you’ve mentally surpassed any current rapper out.
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Back at it. NYC Oakland, come laugh me tonight at The Layover. 8pm #StandUp Rocking #3TheHardWay this past Friday at @nycomedyclub. When you have strong material... 30 minutes feels like 10. #FlysBy #NoCrowdWork #AllBits #TheHardWay #3TheHardWayComedy killed it tonight at @nycomedyclub. Shoutout to Emilio and @deebeck #StandUp Pat Brown and Nathan Macintosh rocked it! Friday Night 9:15pm. At New York Comedy Club. 30 for 30 for 30. #StandUp Had the opportunity to rock for my nephews this weekend at The Ice House Comedy Club. Love these guys to death. #Fam #Nephews Tomorrow night.. Whose coming? 10:30 show. #StandUp Fun show with these dudes (Mark Normand and Chris Distefano)  last night at @nycomedyclub on #3TheHardWayComedy. We smashed that show! @deebeck we missed you! #StandUp Me. Being proud of making Moms proud. San Francisco, Ca. 2009 outside The Purple Onion. Crown Heights last Thursday on Your boy was in the paper yesterday. My first NYC press. Grab a copy if you see one. I'm collecting them. #AmsterdamNews #StandUp San Francisco #TheMission #2010 #ForThePeopleComedy Shoot After the closer hit.. End of the set. Split second shot. #3TheHardWayComedy #StandUp Mission accomplished! @nycomedyclub thanks for the stage on a Friday! We did what was necessary. #Destroyed #StandUp Shoutout to @deebeck couldn't rock without your behind the scenes work. #ProducerFlow #TBT to last week when I was in San Francisco and could walk out of the house and get my Ca treats. #TeamFuckTwizzlers Had to get the J stamp and wax for my handwritten letters to my loved ones back in Cali. #Art #LostFormOfCommuncation View from the gym. Overlooking Juilliard Performing Arts School and Lincoln Center. #NYC #Manhattan #SnowDay. Next Friday at @nycomedyclub #3TheHardWay brings @jabaridavis462 @theotherkendra and @hasanminhaj to rock a hot 30min a piece! Get your tickets http://newyorkcomedyclub.com/events/3-hard-way/ Came across this pic when I was home last week. #TBT of My heroes. The dopest people I know and they just happen to be my parents. Who I look like? Moms or Pops? It ain't work if it's your calling...

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